College Admissions Process- It Starts Now.

So, I’m a junior in high school right now, and as you know, college is beginning to loom across the horizon, blocking my sight and somehow breathing down my neck the deadlines I’m up against.

I figured that I should do the least inventive thing and blog my way out of here. I am terrible with remembering to do that all the time, but I’d like to.  Currently, I don’t have much of a college list and I’m only slightly alarmed. I got a group of focused, smart friends who seem to not know any better than myself, so woohoo! I’m not too bad off. Just kidding, I’m drowning in fear.

I overwork myself, like most juniors and I expect so much from myself. I want to do well, no longer for the sake of doing well, but because I want to go to a great college.

I take exams, apply to programs, have a job, volunteer, and most of all push myself through it all, because I don’t know people personally who have succeeded in that realm of college the way I want to. And occasionally, I don’t feel good enough.

So, I hope to be a light at the end of tunnel for anyone with a background like mine. I hope to also be able to unwind with this.


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