Second Blogged Thoughtstream: On Birthdays…

Back in July, when I was getting my drivers’ permit, I needed to grab my birth certificate, as proof of identification. As I was scanning through, I nearly had a heart attack-was it me or was my birthday an entire day later than I thought it was? A second glance through told me that I misread the line, but the shock remained with me all day.

When I finally relaxed, I began to freak the heck out over how absolutely screwy time is. I was born ten pm- so if my mother lived in London, my birthday would have been the next day. So why on earth do we celebrate our birthdays on that certain day; as if it truly makes a difference? Why on earth do we stick with one day and then, when if we were born westwards or eastwards; we would have been born at different days and times? How accurate, really is any given date? If two meteorites stuck Earth at the same time, and one hit California and the other China, they would have hit the Earth on different days. HOW, if you are interested to explain it to me, would we deal with that?

So, with this reasoning, all dates are invalid when taken out of their respective time zone. But obviously, you can’t stick with that, it would screw history up beyond measure, and as a decent rule of thumb, take the route that has the smallest amount of chaos- it will be boring- but it’ll save you a few headaches.

Finally, I would like to say that I understand how timezones work- I’m just wondering why I haven’t seen people trying to explain why dates remain the same. I would understand the reasoning that they were trying to keep standardization at a max. Wikipedia, trusty old pal, has written time zones for the times of certain events. Sure does solve part of the problem.


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