First Blogged Thoughtstream.

Can you ever truly figure out who you are as a person? I don’t mean this in a strange, thoughtful way- I am dead serious. I spent most of my summer arguing over the the entire Theseus’ ship idea- is Theseus’ ship always his ship? Or does that change? I learnt one thing from that; you may consider yourself to always be the same person, you may think not- but as you are human, you change every single day, in ways we cannot really see. You spend every single waking moment of your life changing- adapting, learning, seeing- so it’s impossible to truly define who you are at any given moment.

Thing is, we don’t spend all our time thinking about who you are. Treading down a path like that where you are in constant turmoil, you tend to lose that firm grasp on reality many people wish to prescribe to you. And, you tumble and slip, and you begin to overthink. Is it bad to be a thinker, when thoughts have so much power? Is it bad not to be one when you have the same issue on the other hand? Why do we have such an issue with thinking?

But, it is like we fear the silence that comes with deep thought, the silence that fills your soul in a moment of recollection, as you are lost to the waves of thought and concepts and emotional scars. We have been conditioned to fill our silences with constant, useless blabber.

On the other hand, silence is violent. Too much inner silence can go beyond the point where you are at peace with yourself and changes into silence where you hold back your terrified screams, where thoughts are itching against your skull, trying to escape,where you constantly feel frazzled…

So, where is the constant, the perfect mix of silence and noise, for you to be able to look at me and define yourself? It doesn’t exist. When you can describe your life in perfect words, you’re probably dead. Disagree with me; that’s the best part of philosophy- we can all agree to disagree!


Thoughtstreams: Perhaps a new weekly thing where I just let my mind take me wherever.


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