Something That Happened Recently… 

Being a teenage girl on social media, like everyone in the world says, really does suck. There’s always this external force that tempts you to appear happy and perfect; like you have a better life than those of all your other friends. There’s all these reminders for me that I don’t have a perfect body and my life isn’t exactly the best out there. 

Despite having a problem with social media; it isn’t exactly what I was planning to talk about. I wanted to talk about social media messaging (if that’s a thing).

So; yesterday I was talking to this one friend of mine who was joking around with a rumor that had spread- you know; the basic ‘they’re dating someone’ even though I have been here for less than a month. And then; they told me that the guy was fast and he went from cute to thick to me.

To my readers who don’t get it; he was basically throwing shade at me. Saying that something was wrong with my appearance- that I wasn’t good looking. In that moment I sorta reeled back and thought wait what?

Because he was taking all they were and defining them as what their bodies are. One was cute and the other was thick and since I didn’t have a body that you could be amazed by, I was just… there.

But instead of feeling slightly stung and all; I took it as a compliment. Because I do have a gorgeous body; that I am sure of. He told me in a twisted sorta way that my personality shone through, that when you saw me, you didn’t see how curvy I was, or how attractive my face was: you saw my goofiness, my overt sarcasm, my nerdiness before you saw that. That because of who I am, he didn’t sum up my entire being into a word that describes my appearance- he summed it up in the word- you.

And that’s what I want to be- me.


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